Viewfinder / Eisen – Greene – Martens – Oberto / Dec. 1 – Jan. 26

Peer into unknown worlds with the resident artists of Alley Gallery – Avram Eisen, Chris Greene, Ross Martens and Darren Oberto. Their endeavors riff on observations from unnatural vantage points. View an eclectic group of paintings, sculptures, photography and textile work. Exhibition runs December 1 – January 26. Join us for receptions Saturday, Dec. 1, […]

Billions of Particles / Megan Magill & Marc Sirinsky / June 2 – July 14

Two artists conduct a photographic examination of particles. Marc Sirinsky’s images explore microscopic matter from the places associated with his own childhood memories. Megan Magill’s images use miniscule materials and underlying visual patterns to explore uncertainty. Both make work which questions the veracity of what is being seen. Join us for an Opening Reception Saturday, […]

Pinpoints/Patterns – Kristin Mariani and John Terdich – April 14 to May 26

We’ve invited two distinctive artists, Kristin Mariani and John Terdich, to witness the comparisons and contrasts in their art practices. Both Mariani and Terdich begin by stripping down to the basic elements of their respective design craft. They utilize the by-products usually discarded from the process stage to create new narratives and societal discourse. Kristin […]