Pinpoints/Patterns – Kristin Mariani and John Terdich – April 14 to May 26

We’ve invited two distinctive artists, Kristin Mariani and John Terdich, to witness the comparisons and contrasts in their art practices. Both Mariani and Terdich begin by stripping down to the basic elements of their respective design craft. They utilize the by-products usually discarded from the process stage to create new narratives and societal discourse.

Kristin Mariani creates visual work from the remnants of her dress making process, using thread as her drawing tool and connective device. She structures through needlework a crosshatch of materials to establish a new value for what is typically discarded, revealing what is commonly concealed in the facades of fashion.

Kristin Mariani – “Inventory 2017” (photo by Dylan Anderson)
Kristin Mariani – “Armscyes 19 & 20” (photo by Dylan Anderson)

John Terdich begins with a tool of the sign making trade – pounce patterns. This drawing technique applies layers of images or text and blurs the distinction between them.

John Terdich – “E Pluribus Unum”


John Terdich – “Ten Carbon Footprints”


John Terdich – “War and Peace”

An ongoing collaborative installation will continually evolve throughout the exhibition.

Exhibitions runs April 14 – May 26. Please join us for two receptions: Saturday April 21, 5-8pm and Saturday, May 5, 5-8pm.