The Possibility of Multitudes / Vanessa Filley / Oct. 5 – Nov. 30

Experience the lush and surreal vision by Vanessa Filley in her interactive exhibition, “The Possibility of Multitudes”.

Join us for several receptions:

Saturday, October 5, 5-8pm with the artist

Saturday, November 2, 5-8pm without the artist

Thursday, November 14, 7-8pm Artist talk including poetry reading and Q&A

“I am interested in the remnants, the symbols of our culture, repurposing and resurrecting them, telling the story of the beauty and destruction of what was, the great possibility of the human experiment, what we have sought to create and the tragedy of our failing as we shred limb from limb the ecosystems of this great planet, leaving behind fewer species, a lonelier existence on this pale blue dot.”

“The Weight Of Bone A”

Possibility of Multitudes

I dreamt there was a thread

It ran through each of us

Tied one to the next to the next

Crossed over and back

Forming a web

Strung us up


Hovering just above the ground

We were tethered

To the here and now

Yet undone

Lifted into another time

This sense

Of substance

A piece of connective tissue

In which dismantled by breath and blood

We are both made and destroyed by the lightness of being

So much possibility in our hands

And the things that firmly root us

Now we gather stories and knot threads

Seek to define something 

Maybe non-human in its consciousness

Which makes our being possible

Starlings, Cedar and Sycamore

Cerulean tides 

Change tumbling through and

The moon that also rises

In puddles stand our reflections

Then another

Linking us    past to present

The wisp of futures

Thriving and deceased

And what spills forth is the order of things

It is the matter of timing

That unfolds our answers

And we dive and dive again

Into the eye of the storm

To stoke living from our anguish

-Vanessa filley