Overlap //// Ortiz / Gates / Neveu / Bozif July 21-Sept 1

Four painters build and rebuild landscapes of their own invention. The artists negotiate between disorder and form. Their layers of intention and randomness culminate into objects of great rarity – with the preciousness of something forged in the heart of the fire.

Exhibition runs July 21 – Sept 1.
Join us for receptions Saturday, Aug. 4, 5-8pm
& Saturday, Sept. 1, 5-8pm.

Raúl Ortiz, Composition 6, 12×16, acrylic on panel

Raúl Ortiz‘s goal is to create poetically contemporary landscapes that capture an array of subtle overlapping shapes, textures, light, scale and heightened color relationships that are derived from the tradition of abstraction.

Douglas Gates, Untitled, 11 x 14, Ink on paper

All of Douglas Gate’s paintings are a tribute and an homage to every handmade object and each author that he has read, pouring out their version of truth, whose works have given him so much, and whose words will pass, buried under the changes of language and customs.

Kristen Neveu, Certain About Flowers and Clouds, 20 x 24 , mixed media on canvas

Kristen Neveu envisions the landscape of her own imagination in her paintings.  A clearing in a forest is an open space where the sky can be glimpsed, but it also is an area where debris has been cleared so that growth can restart. This clearing is a cathartic passage to navigate through the debris of daily life.

Curtis Anthony Bozif, Day, 48 x 24, oil, enamel, and paint stick on canvas

For Curtis Bozif, what begins spontaneously and uncertain becomes an antecedent. Impulses take on purpose. With time, there is accumulation, the generating of form, and eventually strata. Space is stretched, compressed, and collapsed, and there is erosion. Everything moves toward a tenuous balance.