Fugitive / Gary Piattoni & Aron Packer – April 22 to May 28

Analog photographs become fugitives: degrading over time, identity and sentimental attachment lost. In this exhibition they are rediscovered and put into new context. Gary Piattoni and Aron Packer assume the role of curators of lost images. Their combined fascinations with treasure hunting and connoisseurship of fine art have lead to these collections of vernacular photography. […]

Wind Flow Photography – March 3-April 16

Experience the mystery of the unseen. Collaborators Candace Wark and Shirley Nannini explore the interactions of wind and light by using an innovative approach to capture the essence of wind movement and convey its transient nature. Smoke is introduced into a wind tunnel and allowed to flow over various objects. As the wind and smoke […]

Drawn In / Drawn Out : A Group Show Oct. 4 – Nov. 15

Break the fourth wall with drawings of intense confrontations and candid observations. Artists Don Colley, Victoria Loeb, Gabriel Mejia & Mark Bowers. Come by for an opening reception Friday Oct. 7, 5-8pm. Don Colley’s detailed sketchbook drawings depict all walks of life sleeping, eating, working and minding their own business, unaware that they are the subject […]

Chris Greene / Landscape Paintings – Sept 2016

Resident artist Chris Greene will be featured in The Saw Room September 2nd-30th. Landscape paintings in “A Thousand Miles Behind” depict recent works following Chris’s relocation from the Northeastern United States. “As a child I would spend as much time outdoors as allowed. I believe this appreciation of nature led to a later affinity for […]