Vignette / Art en Object / Nov. 4 – Dec. 31

vi·gnette vinˈyet/ noun 1. a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point and tells a story about you and your home. Shannon Cahill, guest curator and founder of Art en Object, creates vignettes featuring unique objects and furnishings highlighted by local artwork. Her carefully curated vignettes will inspire you with design and […]

Color Systems / Joyce Elias / Sept. 2 – Oct. 7

Evanston artist Joyce Elias shares her observations and explorations of daily weather patterns and color interactions.  Her tactile, colorful works invite the viewer to see the world through the lens of her imagination. In this exhibition, we will have selected works from her Artist’s Weather Project and Color Theories Series. Exhibition runs September 2nd-October 7th. […]

The Game / Lisa Solar / Jul. 15 – Aug. 26

This current body of work by Lisa Solar reflects her interest in the game of Formal Painting.  Each piece represents a challenge to pinpoint the precise moment in which the relationship between dissonance and harmony becomes unstable, using the least number of moves.  The works can be considered a record of sequences, and rely on […]

Fugitive / Gary Piattoni & Aron Packer – April 22 to May 28

Analog photographs become fugitives: degrading over time, identity and sentimental attachment lost. In this exhibition they are rediscovered and put into new context. Gary Piattoni and Aron Packer assume the role of curators of lost images. Their combined fascinations with treasure hunting and connoisseurship of fine art have lead to these collections of vernacular photography. […]