The Game / Lisa Solar / Jul. 15 – Aug. 26

This current body of work by Lisa Solar reflects her interest in the game of Formal Painting.  Each piece represents a challenge to pinpoint the precise moment in which the relationship between dissonance and harmony becomes unstable, using the least number of moves.  The works can be considered a record of sequences, and rely on a formulaic set of opening moves.  As in chess, a few reliable restrictions or combinations have the potential to propagate into infinite diverging results.

Join us for receptions Saturday, July 22, 5-8pm, and August 5, 5-8pm. Exhibition runs July 15 – Aug 26.

“Move 11”


Her method of working is handed down from the Bauhaus school of color theory and leans heavily on making empirical choices and continually reacting to them.  Through the duration of each work, Lisa explores the link between emotive and logical response, and then advances or retreats accordingly.

“Move 5”

“My formal influences are many and always in flux.  Jessica Stockholder’s work remains a constant bellwether as does Sonia Delaunay and of course, Albers (both Anni and Josef).  In several works, the work of Borges inspires my course, as when a seemingly logical narrative breaks loose into an organic surrealist moment like a mushroom popping forth from a solid piece of oak.”

“Move 3”