Darren Oberto / Turntable Drawings July 2016

Resident Artist Darren Oberto exhibits works from his series Turntable Drawings July 5th – 31st.

Graduating from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Darren joined the Alley Gallery team in 2002. He has a multidisciplinary approach to his work. With painting at its nucleus, he also experiments with a variety of other mediums, including photography, mixed-media and sculptural installations.

People are often surprised by Darren’s versatility. His reply is “I like to think that I have multiple personalities, but fortunately they are all artists.”

Turntable Drawings bring a more gestural, process-based approach to ink and vellum than Darren’s meticulous oil paintings.

“Construction, deconstruction and reconstruction are the motivations for this kinetic process-based project. Each piece develops from a solitary line into a seductive layering of marks.  Images emerge from the paper similarly to a piece of ceramic being thrown or wood being turned on a lathe.  The introduction of chemicals and ink manipulation create an interplay between randomness and order, organic and plastic. Connections to the natural world – micro/macro and terrestrial/celestial – are apparent. There are strong allusions to geometry.  My desire is for the audience to find a place of meditation and inspiration within these works.”

Opening reception in The Saw Room at the Alley Gallery July 8th, 5-8pm.