Always the Light / Mark Collins / Feb. 24 – Apr. 7

Painter and visual art educator Mark Collins shares his attentive eye on his search for breathtaking visual moments – in the crisp light of arid landscapes, dense cityscapes and the human figure.

Join us for an Opening Reception Saturday, March 3, 5-8pm and a second reception Saturday April 7, 5-8pm. Exhibition runs February 24 – April 7.

“Think of your reaction when you come upon a scene that draws your attention completely – one of those visual moments that is fleeting but seems to be locked in time – an instant when the color, light, and objects in front of you come together in an arrangement containing both structure and energy. These are the themes and subjects that I explore.”

“All art is a struggle to find the truth. The truth is personal and frustratingly elusive but it’s out there for all of us to find. And when we find it (often in unknown and incomplete ways) it’s a magical feeling. This feeling might not last long but it is remembered and lingers in ways that make us search for it again.”